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Where: his apartment. 2 pm.        Riding on the uptown #2 train recently, I was not surprised when it stalled at Times Square. This happens quite often. What does not happen quite often is the sight of an actor who has appeared in some of the most successful and critically acclaimed...

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Theresa Hawkins
04 September 1992
Where: his dressing room (Martin Beck Theatre). 6:15 pm.        To say that it is a miracle this interview has occurred is not an understatement. Here's what happened: A couple of weeks into the previ...
Theresa Hawkins
04 April 2019
Where: his play's publicity office. 1 pm.        Tony Goldwyn has spent the past several months co-starring alongside Bryan Cranston and Tatiana Maslany in the hottest non-musical ...
Theresa Hawkins
18 April 1990
Where: his dressing room (Music Box Theatre). 5 pm.        When I asked Tom Hulce for an interview, he politely declined. “I’m not even doing one for The New York Times,” he said, to which I countered...
Theresa Hawkins
15 October 1992
Where: a café on St. Mark's Place. 5:30 pm.        When I asked William H. Macy for an interview, I was rather surprised at his reaction to my request. He said that he was flattered that I had asked h...
Theresa Hawkins
14 December 1989
Where: onstage (Classic Stage Company). 6 pm.        Peter Riegert has a delightful attitude about his work and life. But depending upon your attitude, there are two ways to see him. If you're like mo...
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